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About Cromwell Animal Rehab Centre

Our pets’ mobility and quality of life can be affected by a huge range of different conditions, from degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, to injuries such as a ruptured cruciate ligament or fracture. The aim of rehabilitation is to reduce the pain caused by disease, injury or surgery, improve function and ultimately to help our pets enjoy life again. The Cromwell ARC offers tailored rehabilitation programmes for your pet to get them back on their feet. Our pets can benefit from rehabilitation for a range of issues, including post-operative recovery, degenerative diseases and recovery from injury.


Your pet will be treated in purpose built rehabilitation facilities by our team of experienced qualified animal physiotherapists, who offer the most up to date treatments including physiotherapy, underwater treadmill therapy and class IV laser therapy. Our team of animal physiotherapists work in accordance with Veterinary Surgeons Act, which means treatment is only undertaken following referral from your vet. If you feel your pet may benefit from being assessed and treated by the team at the Cromwell ARC, please speak to your vet. When your pet is referred to the Cromwell ARC by your vet, they will be booked in for an hour-long assessment with the animal physiotherapy team, who will then create a rehabilitation programme specifically for them.

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Introducing the Cromwell ARC Team


Leanne Seymour

Senior Animal Physiotherapist

Leanne qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2009 and became increasingly interested in the benefits physiotherapy and rehabilitation could bring to the patients she was nursing. After studying for two years at The College of Animal Physiotherapy, she gained her Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy with distinction in 2012. Leanne then went on to train as a myofascial release therapist; a therapy that is particularly useful for soft tissue injuries and restrictions and the management of scar tissue.


Leanne has also undertaken further training in water management, underwater treadmill therapy, laser therapy and kinesiology taping. She has experience treating a wide range of conditions and injuries in dogs and cats and has a particular interest in physiotherapy and rehabilitation of canine sports and working dog injuries.

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