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About Cromwell Animal Rehab Centre

Our pets’ mobility and quality of life can be affected by a huge range of different conditions, from degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, to injuries such as a ruptured cruciate ligament or fracture. The aim of rehabilitation is to reduce the pain caused by disease, injury or surgery, improve function and ultimately to help our pets enjoy life again. The Cromwell ARC offers tailored rehabilitation programmes for your pet to get them back on their feet. Our pets can benefit from rehabilitation for a range of issues, including post-operative recovery, degenerative diseases and recovery from injury.


Your pet will be treated in purpose built rehabilitation facilities by our team of experienced qualified animal physiotherapists, who offer the most up to date treatments including physiotherapy, underwater treadmill therapy and class IV laser therapy. Our team of animal physiotherapists work in accordance with Veterinary Surgeons Act, which means treatment is only undertaken following referral from your vet. If you feel your pet may benefit from being assessed and treated by the team at the Cromwell ARC, please speak to your vet. When your pet is referred to the Cromwell ARC by your vet, they will be booked in for an hour-long assessment with the animal physiotherapy team, who will then create a rehabilitation programme specifically for them.

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Introducing the Cromwell ARC Team


Ariane BrayBSc (Hons) Vet.Phys MNAVP

Animal Physiotherapist

Ariane graduated as an animal physiotherapist from Harper Adams University in July 2018. As part of her degree, Ariane spent several months at the Queen Mother Hospital for Small Animals in Hertfordshire. During this time, she worked alongside their in-house physiotherapist, and went on to develop a keen interest in neurological rehabilitation and arthritis management.

Ariane has also undertaken further training in laser therapy. In addition, Ariane also attends several CPD events a year; enabling her to learn new skills and develop her knowledge.

Cromwell ARC Kirsty Phair-modified

Kirsty Phair BSc (Hons) Vet.Phys MNAVP

Animal Physiotherapist

Kirsty has always been passionate about helping and caring for animals. She qualified as an animal physiotherapist in July 2022, after graduating from Harper Adams University. As part of her degree, Kirsty spent several months at a canine hydrotherapy centre in Northern Ireland. During this time, she worked closely alongside both a hydrotherapist and animal physiotherapist as part of a tightknit multidisciplinary team. Since graduating Kirsty has worked in the Highlands of Scotland, seeing a variety of dogs, with a broad range of conditions and injuries. Kirsty has developed a keen interest in spinal conditions.

Kirsty has undertaken further training in laser therapy. She regularly attends several CPD events a year, enabling her to develop her knowledge and skills set further.

Cromwell Rebekah Green-modified

Rebekah Green BSc (Hons) Vet.Phys

Animal Physiotherapist

Rebekah graduated from Harper Adams University in 2019 with a degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy, and joined the team at the Cromwell ARC shortly after this. Rebekah really enjoys treating a varied caseload from juvenile dogs to elderly rabbits, cruciate ligament injuries to neurological conditions.

Rebekah also is interested in wound management and the use of class IV Laser therapy to accelerate healing, and has completed continuing professional development in this area. Rebekah enjoys with working with the rest of the team at Cromwell vets and discussing multimodal management for the cases she treats.

Eve Herne BSc (Hons) Vet.Phys MNAVP

Animal Physiotherapist

Eve qualified from Harper Adams University in 2022 to become a qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist; as part of her degree she spent six months at a canine physiotherapy and hydrotherapy centre and another six months at an equine hydrotherapy centre. Eve has a keen interest in arthritis and other chronic conditions that involve careful, long-term management and likes to provide owners with a comprehensive home exercise programme to further assist their animal’s quality of life. Eve has completed further training on LASER therapy, underwater treadmill therapy and myofascial release massage techniques to help every animal achieve the best results.

In her spare time Eve loves horse riding, baking cakes (although not always successfully!) and gun dog training with her golden retriever, Eddie.

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