Pet Of The Month

Meet Vinnie

Vinnie, a very handsome three-year-old St Bernard, was diagnosed with hip and elbow dysplasia around a year ago and has recently started a physiotherapy and rehabilitation programme to help him cope with these conditions.


After an as assessment with a physiotherapist, Vinnie started a course of laser therapy treatment to help control the pain and inflammation associated with his elbows and hips.


Vinnie’s physiotherapist has also introduced a range of therapeutic exercises to help Vinnie build strength and flexibility in his legs, including giving paw, walking in circles and moving from sit to stand. Vinnie really enjoys doing these exercises, especially as he gets rewarded with a little treat!


A few sessions in and Vinnie’s owner report a change in behaviour; Vinnie is starting to play with all his toys again and is becoming a rather cheeky chap!


Vinnie’s owner tells us why she was keen for him to have physiotherapy: “Vinnie suffers with on/off lameness and has done for nearly a year now. We started him with some physiotherapy as we want to keep him as active and pain free as possible and were keen to find alternative therapy, as he is still a young boy.


“So far he has been very accepting of the physiotherapy, helped by the fact that he loves the treats, and we have started to see an improvement in his condition. He likes to do his exercises and tries hard.”

Pet of the month Vinnie small

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