Terms of Service

Please take the time to read these terms and conditions carefully prior to your first appointment.

  • All patients must have veterinary referral prior to treatment at Cromwell ARC. This includes those pets attending the centre for fitness swims.
  • Cromwell ARC reserves the right to request your pet’s full medical history from the referring veterinary surgeon.
  • Cromwell ARC cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury to any person or animal, or any loss or damage to any property or vehicle, howsoever caused, while on company premises.
  • Cromwell ARC requires all patients to be up to date with vaccinations, except in those circumstances where it is deemed detrimental to the pet’s health by the veterinary surgeon.
  • Your pet will not be able to attend the centre if they are in season or suffering from an infectious disease. Please cancel your appointment with as much notice as reasonably possible.
  • Children attending Cromwell ARC must be under close adult supervision at all times. Due to the nature of laser therapy, the staff reserve the right to ask that children are not in attendance if they cannot safely wear the protective eye wear supplied.
  • Pets should not be fed for two hours prior to treatment and should be given the opportunity to go to the toilet prior to commencing their appointment.
  • Dogs must arrive at the centre on lead and under control and cats should be secured in a carrier.
  • Although showered prior to entering the treadmill, Cromwell ARC requires all pets attending for hydrotherapy to be brushed and free of mud.
  • It is the responsibility of the owner to inform staff at Cromwell ARC if the pet has deteriorated in any way, developed a new condition or been advised to cease treatment by the referring vet at any time during the course of treatment.
  • All fees must be paid at the time of treatment.
  • Cromwell ARC reserves the right to use any video footage or still photography taken during the course of your pet’s treatment.
  • Cromwell ARC reserves the right to refuse treatment of any animal.
  • Owners should wear sensible, non-slip footwear while at Cromwell ARC as floors may be slippery.
  • Cromwell ARC reserves the right to cancel appointments if the centre has to be closed due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Where possible, 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of appointments. Cromwell ARC reserves the right to charge the full cost of the appointment if missed or cancelled without appropriate notice.
  • Cromwell ARC is part of The Cromwell Veterinary Group Ltd.

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